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Welcome To Inner Garden Health...


Where we believe every woman is a Superwoman. Let us help you look and feel like one again, 



Welcome To Inner Garden Health...

Where we believe every woman is a Superwoman. Let us help you look and feel like one again,



Ladies, do you feel more stressed and irritable than in the past? Exhausted because of terrible sleep, busy careers and families? Worried because you can't seem to think clearly? Frustrated by unwanted body fat and trouble gaining muscle? Do you suspect your hormones are changing yet don't know what to do about it? Most importantly, do you want to look and feel amazing-not only in your body but in your whole life- but don't have the time or expertise to figure it out on your own?

If that sounds like you, we've got you covered! At Inner Garden Health Functional Medicine, we help high functioning women like YOU reclaim your health and vibrance by partnering with you to create a highly personalized, sustainable roadmap so that you can feel confident, clearheaded, powerful and at ease in your life, now and for years to come.

Our provider Dr. Katie OBrien is a board certified allopathic physician (MD, MPH, IFMCP) who combines 20+ years of conventional medical experience with evidence based Integrative, Functional Medicine expertise to create holistic treatment plans individually tailored to meet your unique goals.


What Sets Us Apart:

Functional Medicine

Member Access to Cutting Edge Information and Education

We deeply believe in the power of education and patient autonomy and we feel very privileged to act as your guides, interpreters and allies on your health journey. In addition to member-only physician Q&As and curated education recommendation, members receive a weekly, succinct podcast made just for you on topics relevant to women in perimenopause and menopause.

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Reno Tahoe

Direct Access to your Physician and Unhurried, Lengthy Appointments

We understand that healing is  a process that cannot be rushed and requires a supportive and consistent approach via a relationship with a medical team that prioritizes you and your unique health challenges. Members have unlimited access to our team via our member portal to address non-acute health concerns that may arise.


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Advanced Diagnostic Lab Testing

When deemed necessary, we employ an extensive range of cutting-edge tests and diagnostics designed to identify underlying causes of your symptoms and direct management. In addition to blood testing, we offer stool testing for GI health, DNA/SNP testing, urine and saliva for adrenal and sex hormones and others.



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Functional Medicine treatment

Together we take a deep dive into the root cause of symptoms-rather than merely chase and treat- in order to  optimize your health.

The Functional Medicine model utilizes a highly individualized, evidence-based approach that relies on a detailed understanding of your unique environmental, biochemical, and lifestyle factors, to create personalized treatment plans. By addressing root cause rather than symptoms, your Functional Medicine physician knows that one condition can have many different causes and, likewise, one cause can result in many different conditions, depending on the individual patient. At Inner Garden Health Functional Medicine your care is unique, precise and personalized.

3 Steps To Getting Started:

1. Discovery Call  

This 20 minute phone call with Dr. Katie is the perfect start if you are curious about our general approach to cases like yours. Perhaps you have questions about the practice itself and how it may be different from other health/healing experiences you have had.

This step is OPTIONAL. No direct medical advice is given at this appointment. Click below for cost and scheduling.

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2. Foundational Assessment

This one-time assessment offers an invaluable deep dive consultation where you learn about the unique imbalances that may be impacting your life and causing symptoms.

The Foundational Assessment includes a detailed review of your health history and major life events, review of your individually tailored comprehensive blood panel, 90 minute virtual appointment with Dr. Katie (MD), 60 minute follow up with our Health Coach and a detailed write up of our evaluation and highly personalized recommendations.

The Foundational Assessment is REQUIRED to establish care at Inner Garden Health Functional Medicine. Click below for cost and further details.


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3. Annual Membership 

This is where the deep, transformational work occurs.

With our 12 month membership you receive regular appointments with Dr. Katie, our Health Coach and Life Coach.

You will feel deeply supported as we peel back the layers to the drivers of your symptoms or work to optimize your health by utilizing a combination of advanced testing and balancing of the mind and body. Click below for cost and further details.


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Inner Garden Health Functional Medicine is a virtual, membership based practice for women who want to look and feel vibrant and strong in their lives again.

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